General Lag in Areas

I just noticed this after playing a bit more since last maintenance because I've been working 12 hour shifts and really haven't found time to play much but....when running around the areas it lags more than it used to. Before the maintenance I had very minor stutter/lag when running around areas and just gathering stuff. Now, it feels like It's worse after the maintenance. I never changed any settings. The server lag has improved greatly. But now this. Could it possibly be they screwed something up or the optimization is just truly crap?

I get this sometimes but mostly at the city hub..sometimes switching blocks helps i go to lowest population blocks. sometimes resetting game helps.. sometimes nothing does other than to come back when player base is lower numbers.. i have odd hours so..for me it works well to play late. game runs well when most people in the us typically sleep. Once it gets to between 6 and 8 starts to studder and lag again in hub city.. my guess is traffic is higher then idk.. it is annoying tho.