So I can't fully remember but I don't think it started on launch but currently the icons for my inventory don't load when I open it. They will if I hover over an item (and items with the same icon will load at once if I hover over one of them) but scrolling to far or closing and opening the inventory again makes them unload. If I swap to normal Pso2 the icons are instant and have no issue so this is only in NGS.

Was originally playing off the windows store but made the move to steam hoping to fix this to no avail. Game is downloaded onto a 3gb r/w nvme drive and of my friend group I'm the only one having this issue (also couldn't find any one else talking about this through my searches so I'm losing hope a bit.) Make me not want to play when my inventory is full of blank icons every time I open it for management.

Any insight or help would be much appreciated.