Weird lines below text

Hey there. Ive got some lines below every text. Its not gamebreakingly disturbing but still. anyone knows what causes this?

Can you upload a screenshot? I have experienced with visuals-- if it not the screen flickering, the screen starts waving. I feel like I am in Star Ocean: Till The End of Time again.


Like i said it does not really bother me, but its still strange. Thought it was a strange design choice first but ive seen in videos that others dont have that.

EDIT: Just saw that you cannot see anything in the pic on imgur itself. Rightclick and Open Graphic in new tab then you have the big picture.

My random assumption would be if it's a texture font implementation, it might just be a packing issue that barely clips other letters when resolution's higher. If your drivers are up to date, what happens when you try running at 1080p instead of 4K?

In 1080p its even a bit worse. Ill try verifying the game data. Maybe a file is beoken.