[NGS] Unable to search for items in personal shop

I don't know if this is reported but I can't seem to search for some items in personal shop while my friend's character can. For eg. i tried looking for resurgir daggers and couldn't while my friend could. I tried typing in "res" or its full name in the search bar and when i type in "res" , only resurgir rod, machine guns and spear pop out. Idk why this is happening, could it be possible its a setting??

Same here, any knows how fix this?

I'm having this issue too, with Cattleya Wand (4-star wand) which my friend could see. I tried searching by name for "Cattleya" (and I see Armor, Knuckles, Machine Guns, Sword) or by "Wand" and I only see the first three rarity ones (Primm Wand, Trois de Wand, Tzvia Wand). alt text

For me, if I didn't search by name and instead tried to set other filters, if I even just set the category to weapons (and any other filters optionally), the search would return no results. I could see items if the only filter I set was rarity, such as 4-star exactly. Then I could see a number of 4-star items up, but after scrolling through the 20 available pages I didn't see any Wands.

Ok so PSO2 uses a seen item cache system in terms of the auto complete search, unfortunately they thought this was fine to use in NGS too. If you type out the name correctly as it should be and hit one of the two search options, search by order or price, they should come up even if the game doesn't have it in your cache to auto complete.