no name sword

alt text is this bug? in the first place i think its my internet, i relog but this keep happening. only this weapon that has no name and description like this

2 days ago I ran Final Lament and this Sword was one of the drops I got. However, it seems that my Sword is different on design to the one you have. 9061f94b-4d73-4c4c-afd1-5c518f5f3d02~2.png IMG_20210619_205404.jpg

I asked around in my alliance but no one seems to recognize the weapon. No idea why they started to drop and why they have no name, it definitely must have been some sort of error.



The NGS update broke some text it seems in the Global version, not that many care because not many playing base PSO2 I suppose.

It's been so long I've seen a Sigma weapon I can't believe I didn't recognize it at first. It looked familiar but it didn't click on that moment. Thanks for the clarification.

@Vashzaron aah so thats why. thanks for answering

Just to add to this, I found 2 unnamed medals in my inventory after completing 7 runs of today's first recommended (curse you illusive Vegas Illusia!).

I've checked them in the medal swap shop and they don't register as any of the numbered RWB's or the basic UWB's.