It's been now 3 days that Nex vera is still working, but when loading to the other urgent quest, the boss won't, i can see my ally fighting and their damage.

But the boss isn't here for me, he can't deal me any damage, nor i can, only thing i'm seeing are my team mates and their damage. so i have to wait for the fight to be over.

Once it is. if the game decides to teleport me back to town, i am either : stuck in the loading screen for ever.

if the game doesnt let me get out of the quest, i'm stuck in the arena.

If i try to logoutt, and go back to title screen, screen becomes black and the only way to get out is again CTRL ALT SUP and take down PSO2 process.

i met multiple people being stuck in the field with me since the last maintenance (not the one about XBOX issue).

I'm very sad to let down my allies during a quest, can you please adress that issue quickly 😞 i checked my file, and they are supposed to be all fine ..