Camera Distance unadjustable for Over-the-Shoulder view

When switched to Over-The-Shoulder view, the camera distance can not be adjusted away from the player.

(I don't know, exactly, that this belongs in Bugs, but this is a large-scale technical issue plaguing most users.)

The camera is at it's best when you are in a Boss fight, and not in OtS view. Fully zoomed out. Having this option available at all times, would help with some of the problem, but the difference between the very few zoom levels you can adjust is minuscule.

This issue is compounded by the perplexing choice to have aiming attacks controlled by the direction of movement, Unless in OtS.

Then, to top off this disaster cake, Movement controls are Changed when you lock on to an enemy, and all movement because relative to the lock-on point. THIS especially needs to be spelled out to the player, there is a big difference between moving forward (relative to where I'm looking with the camera) and moving Towards the Enemy.

Ideally, lock on would direct my ATTACKS towards that point, not my movement.

@lordeathman not sure if this helps but you can adjust the the camera distance by press and holding the alt button the / and * for vertical height and - and + in and out

You can change your lock on from where your characters Eyes or position to where the camera is looking

@Drakaina Yes, those adjustments do not apply to the Over the Shoulder camera. It is locked at a single distance and angle, as far as I have been able to tell. The lock on setting you have mentioned is inapplicable to my struggles, sorry.