[NGS] Remember camera and minimap zoom settings!

When logging into NGS (either from the title screen or switching from a PSO2 block) the camera zoom gets reset. It feels a little unpolished to need to press + + / / every time I do that to restore the camera to the setting I feel is most playable. Could the game remember this setting between sessions?

Similarly the minimap in the upper left of the UI; that seems to revert to being zoomed in every session requiring the M key to be pressed to zoom back out if you prefer that.

I 2nd this

There are other settings in PSO2 and NGS that should logically be saved but someone decided to make them counter-intuitive instead, like the party settings. Only difference in NGS is that they point out it'll reset when logging out. I'd tell them it's not really an improvement but, well, why bother pointing out the obvious.