WHY NO MICS???????????????????????????????



  3. WHO DUM@SS ideas was it to use your Cell Phone? Now I cant get phone calls or look up stuff about PSO2 while i play. YEAH, I AM LOOKING STRAIGHT AT YOU DISCORD.

A lot of people use Keyboard to chat in game, I'm one of them. I actually turn voice chat OFF in public games, because I prefer to only chat with friends or Alliance members.

A lot of people would turn Voice Chat off completely if it was applied to public games.

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i actually thought the same thing, especially when it shows that everyone has an active mic but yet noone would talk. @23Alvaro talking is quicker than typing and its hard to type when in the middle of a boss fight.

Why would anyone be typing during a boss fight outside of when they're dead and asking for a revive?

Any one of us has their own preferred way of communicating with other players. Let's just agree that some preferred the keyboard than using mics and vice versa. I prefer them both, by the way, 😳

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Any one of us has their own preferred way of communicating with other players. Let's just agree that some preferred the keyboard than using mics and vice versa. I prefer them both, by the way, 😳

Oh! Hi GM Sirius! PSO2 Support group? This is the first I've seen of this new group. GM Deynger mentioned a new group coming. Nice to see you here!

Sorry for being off topic. Just wanted to say hi lol

Anyway, I don't have any any preference really. I just use whatever my friends want to use at any given time.

Hey @Home-Dog thanks for the welcome! I hope you guys are having a good time playing the game during the quarantine though. Stay safe! fist bump

Gotta get with the times

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Why does no one use in Game Mics???? Why use Discord whne the game has Mics already?????

@NEXTEL-CUP Because if I'm on a mic I'm in an Xbox party or Discord talking with friends. Isn't everyone these days? Too much risk of running into the worst kind of people otherwise 😞

I don't enable my mic because there's no push-to-talk button on the controller, and nobody wants to hear me yell at my cats, or listen to my TV, or hear the police sirens outside my window.... or any of the many other noises that the mic will detect and decide it must be me talking to the group, and thus start broadcasting.

No thank you.

Not a big fan of voice chat in general, and certainly not without a push-to-talk key.

I stopped using the mic on Xbox unless its a friend I'm playing with. Too many "Im the shit so I'll behave like shit" people. Than and annoying voice that make me want to just hate the parents thats letting their 10 year old online.

I think you can connect a keyboard and type though. I think. Since xbox supposedly supports keyboards.

@Starfallen You can! Should be something everyone should do anyways 🙂

@LilPika yeah was thinking about it, just annoying since Its sort of connected to my pc. But I think I haven't thrown out my old Merc stealth board. ( Giant W key missing since broke off.) but the actual non gaming typing 2/3rds of the board is still intact.

@Starfallen You could probably pick up a cheapo one on Amazon or something for almost nothing.

@LilPika Your playing with fire ordering stuff from Amazon because of Covid. Since over here Amazon is a month behind and increasing in shipping non essentials. And that's with prime membership

Generally people bought an Xbox one for this game, and most likely don't have a headset to come along with it yet. That was the case for me, until I bought a headset, yet it only transmits my game audio. Easier to use voice chat on computer or connect a keyboard to the xbox, works great.

Yet a bunch of players do have mic's at the ready, just don't expect it to be the norm, especially once PC has cross play. Then you would have to use text as a default either way, unless you join vc in discord.

Now you can take advantage of autowords for things like boss here. I don't remember the text for it on hand.