WHY NO MICS???????????????????????????????

Thank you, cold. Another reason why you don't hear people using mics is due to Xbox Parties (as others have stated), it's much better than in-game voice chat. So if you want to communicate with mics, create an Xbox Party. Don't expect randoms to always have mics on them.

@Quixadhal There's a Mute button on all Mics with Xbox.

@Ranmaru Too be fair, Both sides will be 50/50 as yes people will use Keyboard normally on the go when using PC or those that came over from PC on the Xbox but to the people that been on Xbox one for years it's just a normal thing to be in party chat talking with friends that are on different games. Not everyone plays the same game on Xbox let alone most don't use a Keyboard when playing.

Also if this game does make it to Switch/Sony, Those players will likely be ingame chat more then using a Keyboard as that's how consoles work so it's a 50/50 with the community.

Same reasons no one uses the WoW ingame voice chat.

My xbox one or xbox one x didn't come with a mic. I know that many of the 360's came with mics, but I'm not sure if all of the xbox ones come with them. Maybe that's why people don't use mics much.

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@Quixadhal There's a Mute button on all Mics with Xbox.

Not on mine, since mine is a kinect. Mute would have to be mapped to a button on the controller, as the in-game setting resets every time you log in.... thus I just disable the voice chat entirely.

I don't use a mic because I'm usually playing with a crew of people and we're all in discord; and I have voice chat turned off in this game (alongside symbol chat) because I stream regularly and I like to control what kinds of things show up on my streams.