Worth Keeping Base PSO2 Items

Aside from weapons and armor, is it worth keeping base PSO2 materials? I tons of Badges, Grinders, Ex Cubes (class Ex-Cubes), rocks, materials, etc. is there any point in holding on this stuff? I'd like to clear out my storage.

They hold no use in NGS because NGS uses its own form of materials. Keep them if you plan to play PSO2.

If not then they're just hoarding space.

I started dumping lower end stuff: Fish, gathering rations, foods I made, Badges that were under rank 4, and other easy to acquire stuff. Got rid of lower end weapons and units I had in character storage I forgot about. Freed up way more space than I would have thought.

I keep some stuff in there as there are a few characters I still play in PSO2 since it's still a fun game I enjoy bombing around in. Might still try to get all classes to 100 just for the fun of it.

If you're having issues with materials taking up a bunch of space I would strongly suggest spending some SG to buy 90 days worth of material storage. Then you can dump all your materials in there. Even if you can't re-up it later you'll still be able to pull stuff out of it. Thanks to material storage having no item stack limit and 1500(?) slots you'll never run out of space for materials. You also get the ability to autoloot materials straight to storage without them ever taking up space in your bag. It's handy enough that I suggest people buy 90 day access ASAP.

Material storage isn't as good in NGS, because you have to manually select it as a storage option when using counters like the augment addition whereas in PSO2 it's more seamlessly treated as though it were part of your inventory.

But even if you don't plan to use material storage as a storage option, it's probably worth throwing a few SG at unlocking it for 30 days just to make a one-time deposit of old PSO2 materials. Especially things like weapons badges that are in much lower supply now and might one day be used for an excellent exchange if Global ever gets it. If you were to dump all those for inventory space and then find you can't buy a bunch of nice NGS-usable accessories, camos and emotes because you did you'd probably kick yourself.

I know I'm kicking myself for getting rid of my crafting materials, hard to convert my LW around to level different classes without them... Made worse by the fact that I dumped all my meseta into emotes since I knew that was the one thing that would transfer over lol

So ya, be careful what you get rid of!

Thanks all. I’ll hold on to badges. I’ve been converting Ex-cubes to grinders and selling them. I have all my Photon arts to 17 almost a billion meseta, and a whole mess if class Ex cubes. Plus, I have one character with all classes at 100 and another missing summoner and techter at 89.