ps02 ngs needs different factions

the world of halpha needs different factions to its world than just dolls.

a faction builds a games lore further adds detail and expands its lore point of interest to the world.

a1754a50-4666-4eeb-93ba-c47aa511b1a5-image.png example flags of different factions

Besides the beauty of the world of Halpha, the place seems post apocalyptic. There’s mountains with a giant hole in it, like 1 or 2 settlements across the whole planet looks like. If it was for all the mechanical stuff poking out from underneath the ground, I’d assume this was a frontier planet just recently colonized. XD

There’s just not enough ppl on this planet to justify factions, but they do hint at more ARKS defenders living in the desert.

@Pariah-Chan people underground to survive the crater blast uncharted zones , other worldly dimensions, other planets so much to develop ps02 ngs lore.

I am not sure that would be good or not. I play WoW and it has factions and i like it.. well use to, not as much more recently. But i have noticed the newer generation of gamers usually tend not to care for the faction thing.. And to make factions compelling they would each have to offer something unique to the players. That would require lots of effort, time and money. They already have trouble with writing for a single faction.. plus pso has always kind have been about a single entity working together to fix something, help someone, and or investigate anomalies, along with some dealings with settlements on planets.. we’re almost like space rangers now thay i think about it xD.. have you played the old pso? From like 20 years ago? And the iterations to present? The closest we got to factions i think was in psu.. where the races were sort of at odds with each other .. but not fully.

In terms of the lore regarding Oracle, I still find it to be a bummer that Global missed out on a lot of the world-building when you look at ARKS' relationship with the Naberius Natives and the Amduscia Dragonkin (though this part gets some highlights during Episode 6), as well as the way the Lilipans are treated and seen. In some of the side stories (like PSO2es) you meet a particular Lilipan who can communicate in the same language ARKS uses so you get a clearer idea of who is around and who isn't.

So far, at least that I can see in New Genesis, we have quite a bit of room for explaining more of the TAMES, the Dolls, Alters, and the "Formers" who also are conveniently from Naberius. Something has me guessing we should expect to see Lilipan Mechs (Automatons) show up during this as well to suggest some sort of connection or amalgamation of what ARKS likely documented in Oracle. However, I still have bigger questions and would rather not bring up spoilers here.

@VanillaLucia they need a story writer that would really boost NGS lore to betterness in comic books one person does the art work while other does the storys and arcs

I am just waiting till the North Pole opens up, and we ARKS d can play with Santa in his workshop. Derp.

@Golden_Syrup I'm not certain of comics, but Phantasy Star Online 2 has already had some manga entries for its story (Episode 0) which helps to clear up a lot of the missing blank points in Episode 1 (Episode 1 being an exposition-shotgunning chapter had quite a bit of holes and a lack of direction and Episode 0 afterwards helps to fill in some of these blanks).

I would not be surprised to see if New Genesis gets expanded on as well since it is the newest entry to the Phantasy Star Online 2 series, however.

In most cases Factions only matter when there is PvP involved. There is nothing of the sort here. So while it would bring another Layer to the lore, there is just no use for it.