Many people were totally or partially unable to use their personal shops after the first emergency maintenance (Friday, June 11th) until the last weekly maintenance (Wednesday June 16). This problem was acknowledged on the official site What has NOT been acknowledged is that this bug affects a feature that is, in NGS, something we paid IRL money for.

This bug cost me probably millions of meseta because at the time it happened, 4* weapons were still selling for around 100k each give or take. By the time it was fixed, their value had plummeted to 1-2k for most.

Some form of adequate compensation for the loss of a paid feature for five days should be issued. An AC credit for the value of premium or the shop pass (depending on what people had) would be possibly be appropriate. But something should be done. Because it doesn’t feel good at all to be a paying customer who is unable to access a paid feature due to bugs, and then to not be compensated at all.