I want to roleplay Drizzt Do'urden and I'm thinking bounce/braver

Be kind I'm very new and just wanna roleplay my Favorite fictional character in this setting... if you have any serious suggestions I'm all ears... I was thinking bouncer soaring blade s attack and switch strike (so boots do s attack) and braver bow sub and dex mag.

In DnD terms, he's a fighter with a few levels of wizard and druid here and there, is that right? Just working off memory to try and set some context.

@starkeblue Fighter ranger... dual swords and bow

Ah, ranger that's right. Sorry, the panther had me confused--been a while since I read the books.

Yeah, dual swords and bow for Bo/Br sounds right to me man. Going with a Newman look then for the ears eh?

@starkeblue Deuman actually for the skin tone and ears

@TheGreatShenryu You should be able to use Deuman skin tones on a Newman (unless this hasn't been implemented yet on NA).

Hmm, I figured you could get a pretty convincingly dark tone with the Human/Newman palette. Not ashy enough?