[Feedback] easier Alliance search methods and recruitment options & last login date

Through the ARKs Search, it's already possible to look up Alliances based on comments made or simply by name. What also would be nice is more options besides just "Send Whisper to Alliance Leader" Like "Apply to Alliance" that will send an Email to the Leader and Officers with a prompt to invite a Player who has applied.

Also, it would be nice for Alliances who are on the lookout for new players to have a similar option to the "comment" option when looking for new members. Often Players who are looking for an alliance will put things like, their interest in alliance activities, discord, language, playtime etc. It would help a ton if leaders and officers could look for comments like those and recruite players that way and not just scroll thorugh a list of 100 players, most of them which don't even have a comment.

gave this a little update. please add a last login date for offline members. nobody knows what "no recent logins" means.