Error 667 and issues thusly regarding account linking to Steam.

The Problem

I have redownloaded PSO2 in order to link the accounts so I can start playing on Steam due to an unresolved and rather aggravating issue with the Microsoft Store absolutely refusing to use my primary 5TB hard drive for game downloads which takes up my OS SSD space. This problem has yet to be resolved and several attempts to try and fix this issue later I just do not care to try any longer and when I saw it on Steam I just opted to go there since it DOES download to my game drive. The problem is that as of this moment I cannot even get to the base game to try and link these accounts but even trying to login to the now redownloaded Microsoft Store game (I have Steam already downloaded but never past the main menu) I can't even login due to a dreaded Error 667, which after brief research I have found is a server issue and connectivity issue afflicting Xbox and Microsoft Store accounts.

That much I do understand, however what is really upsetting for me is the lack of ability to remotely link the accounts using the website. Not only that but having to redownload the entirety of PSO2's base game has me worried that I can no longer even consider linking these accounts now because the steps required will not be present. Microsoft's Store downloaded New Genesis automatically and so did Steam so I figured that the linking options would be there if I could sign on... and then the errors appeared. I guess I can understand in a sense since it allows the game to go through a logged in account and tie direct character information to a new source (i.e. The specific Steam game key) however the thing is that the game itself is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get into right now for Microsoft Store users afflicted by Error 667 and thus impossible for returning players like me to try and enter the game, link the accounts, and go from there.

The reason I guess why I am so upset is that this problem for me has persisted now for several hours over several days and for something that I just want to do to link the account I have had hundreds of hours on and SEVERAL characters I have spent that time making specific looks for and building I do not want to lose that progress now that New Genesis is out.

To give an idea as well I started today at 0230 EST here in the United States and it is now 0630 EST and I have to go to work. Four hours I have been blocked by the Error 667 even with restarts, file integrity checks, internet checks, and a redownloaded client from yesterday (which I spent about 6 hours trying to access the game with no luck). I am off to work now however so hopefully I will get some helpful responses or just lucky enough when I get home to access the game and link my accounts.

Unfortunately all we can do at this point is wait for microsoft to get the issue sorted out.