Should i limit break my 4 star weapon?

so basically, should i limit break my 4 star weapon or keep it at +40 and wait for the new content

I think +40 is the current max?
Thus they can't be limit broken at this time.

Though, I haven't had trouble with mine and I"m not even close to +40 on my 4*.

yeah, i don't know the current max is neither

Just closing to +40 and been wondering try new class new gear or stuck with double saber

Yeah +40 is the max in the game and 4 star are able get there without limit break.

Also you probably already know this but if you check the middle tab on the weapon info it says in the top right what the current max is. On lower star gear this will be lower than 40 to start with hence the limit break needed. But yep 40 is absolute max on weapons and armor (unless they change this in the future)