[Feedback] Bring back proper Notifications for Campaign Items

Hiding the Campaign Items behind the System Menu without so much as the "System" button showing you an exclamation mark isn't doing it, tbh.

PSO2 did a great Job with the Visiphone showing you if there is something to be picked up, NGS fails at that.

i'd recommend adding a campaign pickup option with an exclamation mark to the storages in central city. As we spawn there, it would help players to immediatly see, if there is something that needs to be picked up.

I don't mind being able to pickup from our menu, but currently it feels to hidden.

Yes have to admit it was only after watching a video yesterday that I found where it is. Seems really odd not to have a terminal with a ! highlighting there's items to collect

+1 to this request. There really needs to be a notification somewhere and exclamation marks on the menus.

I feel even when you press Start/Escape the "System" menu should be glowing or indicating when you do have a Campaign Item to claim. I cannot comprehend why so many of the carryovers from Phantasy Star Online 2 were seemingly cheery-picked and why so many menu elements don't seem to be functioning at the same time.

I would love for the Black Transfer from the Friends Menu to work (you cannot just click a friend and select "Transfer to Block" and I would have loved if there was something like an opt-in teleport where all party members can be told, "the leader is going here, press this to confirm teleporting with them" so you can go to things like Cocoons/Towers or farming locations when they haven't unlocked Ryuker Devices yet in those areas. A Room Transfer option would be very nice as well so you can teleport and go right into sessions with friends/party members because I have gotten into the situation a number of times where a friend leaves to a farming location that ended up being 2/8 filled and I teleported and ended up in a completely separate room at 7/8 instead.

Everything was working fine on pso2, but they HAD to go with the minimalist design on NGS, and now important things are buried in menus. 😕

It doesn't even give a message in chat that there are campaign items to pick up like it did in base.

I found this really weird too, I'm sure there already is a bunch of new players who no knowledge of goodies awaiting them in that hidden UI menu.