UI desperately needs fixing

This is really unacceptable in 2021. The 6 point font size default strains most people's eyes, and increasing the size pushes all the in game boxes that pop up go off the screen (and they can't be moved). The options in the launcher to change screen resolution don't even work! 1280x720 is identical to 1920x1080. I tried everything to keep the larger font size and keep everything on screen to no avail. This is game breaking and MUST be fixed ASAP. I'm not sure if I can handle playing the game much longer like this, so this issue will absolutely lose Sega customers. It's 2021. There is NO excuse for a default resolution of 1280x720 that can't be changed, and there is no excuse not to have a moddable UI (literally every other MMORPG I ever played in the last decade has this). Sega, you need to do better than this. It's 2021, not 2008, and right now, this game looks and feels like it's from 2008.

Just a tip for you 🙂

If you run PSO2 with Virtual Fullscreen, it also applies the scale factor in display settings as well. This means if you own a 4K monitor and run at 4K resolution with a Scale Factor (in display settings) set to 200%, your game will run at 1920 x 1080 instead of 3840 x 2160.

So check if you are running at 1080P with a scale factor set to 150% If so, then your game is running at 720P and you need to set your scale factor to 100%