Why why why!? Error 667...

I'm noticing a lot of folks having this same problem. Sega should have called this release an "Open beta". Maybe I'd be less upset. SEGATA SANSHIRO, SAVE US!!!

@Rappyskum same here, and now?

@ApeWings0154 mmhmm it's still doing it. Can't log in. Brutal.

Yup same here can't login..it says the ship is NORMAL...I was going to do my dailies but so much for that yet another day of issues preventing my dailies. I already had the gathering node respawning problem. I still can't get into normal PSO2 either -sigh-

@ZaenxOdakai your saying that all the "rocks" and food stuff wasn't respawning properly?

@Rappyskum Yeah that bug hit me and messed up dailies before the maint we had the other day. That got fixed for me it looks but now Error 667....I want my free scratcher and to run my dailies but I guess neither will happen :')


Xbox/Windows is aware of the problem.

Guess I'll just .. go to bed?