Error 667 sound off here

Looks like multiple people with error 667. Xbox live looks up. I'm east coast USA. Ship 2. Last login just a few hours ago

Update : Xbox Live Issue see here

I am having same issue

@Fallen-Seraph-X yeah same im on xbox it kicked me out cant log back in

I am having same issue

667'ing, on my PC. I figured it was a widespread thing when I googled "pso2 error code" and 667 was the first autofill.

However, I'm on tweaker so I was using the MS Store version of the game, and upon switching to use Steam version, I managed to log in. So unless it just ended right as I switched, it looks like probably a Microsoft-specific issue.

@Akonyl that's interesting. So may be a pass through of credentials.


  • Takes away if not one of the better OS that was ever made - ( Windows XP)
  • Forces Updates on you , Though you dont want them at any given time, without warning
  • Forces upon its users that GOD AWEFUl web browser that you cannot delete.
  • Has run-of the- mill Tech support, wiht unbound stupidity that really can find solutions to problems THE FIRST TIME

Sound familiar.?

Looks like Microsoft is aware.

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