What is included with premium

As the title says what is included in the premium subscription pass exactly. Does it include the mission gold rewards?

No, you get the ability to trade and sell on the player shop you gain more fun points and have a permanent triboost on you also are given access to you room a/b with 150slots of space and a premium storage there is also premium slots on blocks

You get a Mission Gold Pass Ticket bundled with a Premium purchase.

As to what is included in Premium, here's what I remember off the top of my head (though these might not all be in the NA server):

  • +1 Log-in Stamp

  • Double FUN

  • Premium Storage

  • Access to Personal Shop

  • Ability to Trade

  • Access to expanded Personal Quarters

  • +50% Always-on Triboost

  • Access to Premium Drinks which give guaranteed secondary effects

  • You can bank extra Daily Order Triboosts

  • 2 Extra Collection Books

  • A boost to Collection Book progress

  • Extra My Fashion slots

  • An extra 22SG Ticket during PSO2 Day

  • Access to Premium PSO2 Day on the 22nd of the month

  • 20 extra Client Order slots (thank you @SirDoodlesAlot )

  • Extra Fixed Camera slots

  • Access to Custom Lighting

  • Access to Filters

  • The ability to freeze Emotes with the chat command /la (emote) ss(seconds)

  • Ability to have Materials go straight into Material Storage in a Quest.

There may have been a few other things I forgot.

@AndrlCh Also double the client order slots. So 40 instead of 20.

Can anyone confirm you still get the mission gold pass bundled with it? The official page says nothing about the pass.

@CarlWinslow2000 It is still included:alt text

@AndrlCh you are the best! Many thanks friend.

is the tri boost invinsible ? dont see a icon

@Shayuna The Triboost is shown when you open your Character Details (where you can see all your stats).