I have a error occurred during the login process no.667

I have a error during the login process no.667

Curious about this error as well. I got disconnected from server and then got error message 667 every time I try to log back in.

This also happened to me as well

Same here

Same, there were lag issues leading up to disconnect. And then the error during login process. Down for almost an hour.

@Akarokuu I have another friend who is also on Xbox and got the same error code.

I too have this error message [No.667] can't long into the game on NGS for the xbx one S

Also when I try to cancel unanswered friend request, my game crashes

I afk them I can’t log in makes me feel like I was stuck in pso2 I was new starting in genesis so I thought why not try the older content and got kinda off track in the prologue so it logged me out whilst afk and now I can’t go into any ship I was thinking well screw me for trying to appreciate older content