Can we please ease up on the mandatory minimum prices...

I don't even get why all "hot" scratch items are forced to be 500k minimum anyways. Makes scratch tickets feel more cash grabby and no one is going to buy some of the stuff at 500k, its just way too much money this early in the game. I don't even see how AC items can be abusive with min prices outside of just wanting to try to make more money by making more players buy scratch tickets.

Kind of backwards thinking imo, cause all it does is make players like me less likely to buy scratch tickets cause I can't flip items as fast to get the items I want. Makes scratch ticket items as a whole more restrictive.

Considering the hundreds of players that i see with the wings accessory, and the fact i got it myself while still having enough meseta to upgrade my gear, twice, because i made a mistake early on, i would say that this is more of a "you" problem than anything else.

Furthermore, we just have ONE scratch and the economy is still building up, you do realise that by the end of the year, 500k meseta will feel like 10.000 meseta now, right? Maybe even sooner, depending on what the content between now and december brings in terms of gears and meseta production.

Just because you cannot INMEDIATLY do everything you want, it does not mean that the system is broken.

@IfrianMMO im sorry but I think they're 100% right. It feels completely strange how theres even a restriction on how much you can sell an AC scratch ticket item. It just really makes no sense and if they want to sell it for cheaper then they should absolutely be allowed to.

Didn't even know about this one. So this is essentially BDO now?