Error code 667

Has anyone encountered this in NGS, I was playing a few min ago and I got kicked off, when trying to log back in, it gives me this error msg.

@Slaystation7053 Im hoping to find that out myself. Was playing with a friend of mine on NGS when in the middle of a fight it just suddenly kicked me. Anytime i tried to log back in, it would immediately give me "An error occured during the login process." Followed by the No.667 error code. Tried a restart of the game, same deal, tried resetting my Xbox, still the same message.

@Slaystation7053 currently have 2 buddies that are experiencing the same thing. It kicked me out while viewing the shop.

The same thing happened to me while I was just roaming Mt Magnus.

Puts hand on hip Oh Sega…

Same here, it kicked me out and now I have the same error 667.

I have this issue as well I can log into my laptop just fine but on Xbox I can't i was playing just fine earlier today

I tried unplugging, restarting the modem just in case but, it seems to be on sega’s end. I did put in a ticket just in case. I just hope they see it lol….

@Slaystation7053 I tried to log in and am experiencing the same error code 667. 2 of my mates are having to deal with the same thing.

same here too

I can log onto my laptop I'm on it right now but my Xbox isn't working and won't let me log in

Server crashed basically

Same for me and a friend. Playing on series X

That makes a lot of us, suddenly got kicked out and can't log back in but my friends are still playing (I'm the only one on Xbox)