Just got a 667 error and now I can't log in

Is anyone else experiencing this? I was in-game collecting resources when it happened and now I get the error every time I try to connect to my ship now (ship 1)

@Merik-Lobo same here. You’re not the only one who got 667 error

Same here just happened to me 10 minutes ago

Same for me , unable to log in with a 667 error . Im playing on Pc windows store version.

I just got it also went to switch characters at title screen and clicked ship 3 instead of 2 now i get. [No.667]

Also getting the error

I am getting the error too on both pc and Xbox

Same here.

Yep, it literally kicked me from in the middle of farming pse bursts and now I cant get back in no matter how many times I try. Same error no.667 on Xbox One X

Same here, ship 1, Win10.

I just got it after a 630 while farming mount magnus. I'm windows store as well.

I just got it

Same here, PSO2 NGS Win 10

Same though, kinda curious how both my friend and I got booted off after roughly the same amount of time after a random friend request. Don't know if any of y'all got the same kinda situation, but my DC and my friend's came roughly 7-10 minutes after the request came through. Doubt they're linked, but can't be too careful.

Error 667 here as well