Game is overly difficult to earn meseta if you are free to play.

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the weekly meseta + daily alpha reactors feels like enough money to upgrade your gear easily...anybody with a +40 3-4* and 3 + 40 3-4* armor should now have around 300k+ meseta or he/she done something wrong

my friend for example has 1300+ bp and 1.2m meseta left using (pretty lucky drop) a 4* weapon with lv 4 potency and 3 3* units without using original pso2 gear because she never played it and just followed my suggestions on what to upgrade and what exactly to use....upgrading 3* is not only less expansive btw it also allows for easier to obtain high end extra skills - wich make those weapons better than a 4* without them and cheaper to upgrade

did you use gold primm swords only for upgrade? costs you less meseta to get your weapon to +40

as for the personal shop i am totally with you - it should not be a premium only thing in the first place - i hated it in the old pso2 and i hate it doesn feel like an anti RMT measure either....and i see it rarely being used in other games

Wait, 4* armor can go up to +40 like weapons? I'm using my Rivalate +10 from PSO2 and a 4* +40 sword and I am at 1310 BP. I have enough money to upgrade my 4* armor, just gotta farm some armor for it. Also, I have always been a F2P player.

Just make premium make shop use taxless, make shop free to all but increase tax to 50% Problem solved.

@Nubface I should have stated I meant weeklies in NGS.

You are correct about weeklies in PSO2 though. The few million they give is essentally worthless now. The only way a new player will be able to afford any cosmetics would be to hope they get lucky on one of the current AC scratches and then buy premium to be able to sell the item. That or turning to the RMT scum.

RMT can't trade so I don't know what they will do.

@xEMPEROR-LANDOx I've gotten good meseta from monsters and if you smash a red box you can get 10k meseta for each one

@Miranda The only method I can think of for RMT's to transfer meseta on NGS is to buy a junk items from a buyer's shop, but that requires both parties to have shop access and you can be sure Sega has tracking in place to flag any wierd transactions like Primm gear selling for millions.

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if you smash a red box you can get 10k meseta for each one

Which doesn't do jack when you've already opened all the boxes. They're account bound after all. I guess the developers had no foresight. Also, not from each one since some of them have 10 SG (and some armor?).

Yeah there are 3 red boxes with armor and the rest have either 10SG, 10k N-meseta, and some barrier ones with I think it was 25k N-meseta. But those are very limited as they are all once per account.

@Yggranya the containers in the field give items, sg, or meseta depending on color

@Weirdo that doesn't explain how I was able to get the drops more than once

@TURION-MOONSTAR Uh, yeah. But since the red boxes are account bound, it only works for one character. Red boxes give meseta and SG. Nothing else give that. Green has grinders, gold has photon chunks and the occasional alpha reactor.

@Yggranya alpha reactors can be found laying on the ground and fetch a decent price in the item shop

@TURION-MOONSTAR Yeah, but when you find maybe 3 (since those seem to become harder to find after the first playthrough) a day it's not enough for most things. I really don't see what you're trying to prove here.

@NotTriEdge yea armor goes till +40...but is more expensive than upping a weapon to +40...alone with the fact that you got no gold edition of armor...if you dont have any nice 4th augments id stick to +20 armor for now sicne the defensive doesn do much if you just dodge or parry everything..unless you wear a 3* weapon where def gets taken into account for your crit rate

: - : - : Pure psuedo-intellect speculation warning : - : - :

I had another ponder about the N-Meseta grind, and was thinking that F2P players wearing premium fashion is good for the game, since it helps promote new AC scratch releases and engagement with another part of the game. It will be interesting to see how things go as F2P players run out of 3 day shop tickets, and as AC items change in price via the gap of income from not having shop access.

It could be that we see way more PSO2 base outfits being used in lobbies, or players with default or SG scratch outfits that may be few and far between by the rate of story content. On the other hand, SEGA might have the data that proves enough people buy AC scratch to support the game in this way, or data that predicts how many F2P players will end up buying premium.

It does seem like quite a controversial change that will have some significant effect on the game, and personally I have a feeling that the current no shop N-Meseta farm techniques will become meaningless at some point as inflation increases. Also when there are more expensive augment drops that are uber-rare (e.g., Skydance Support, Augment Will 2), there might end up being under geared players that don't stick around for long due to Battle Power.

My last thought on the topic is that this game is really different to base PSO2 in the way you customize items and farm stuff, so maybe with future updates, there will be new ways to supplement N-Meseta acquisition, based on player market statistics. I can however see inflation happening before any changes like that occur.