What body part do you want Rangers to mark on UQ bosses?

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I don't remember Force/Techer skills and which has which so if I err'd that's why.

Anyways... yeah. I also question whether or not SEGA's devs know or care that's why that "style" of play exists. I sometimes think that the devs want you to play whatever you want, but in implementing that idea, they mimic styles and mechanics without really understanding the reason that particular class/play style exists in other games and how it balances out against the enemies. If this is the case the mechanics being as they are is just an artifact of the mimicry and not a designed intention of how to play (which would make sense given other decisions made) and explains why we have mechanics that don't need to be implemented are semi-borked from the beginning.

@Durakken It's really more of that the classes have more then 1 main role, with there basically being specializations in the classes depending on the weapon you choose to use for them (partially from the skills related to the weapon type, and partially because of the potentials of the 4stars of that weapon type).

It's not really that the roles don't exist, it's more of that classes can choose between subroles. Like with Hunter you can be more of a support tank with the Foursis wired lance, which is more about purely tanking things and moving yourself and enemies to optimal positions, but they do less damage.

Swords are better at attacking enemies head on in more situations without having to worry as much about looking for an opening but with Straga swords they give up some defense to do more damage.

While partisans have to wait for openings to deal the most damage because of how stationary a lot of it's PAs are (especially with the PP costs of their Photon Arts, and the follow-up attack from their weapon action skill often misses if not in the right position), but are really good at attacking downed enemies because of this.

So there's 3 main roles of Hunters, pure defense/support tank, 1 or more target berserker, and a tactical mostly 1 target role.

And that basically applies to most classes, for the most part they have 2 or more possible roles, which you can make work better depending on the subclass.