Brief Intermission!

So guys what has everyone been up to for the past week! i know i have done SO MUCH since we all started. Please share with us what you all have been up to!... I know have been able to reach lvl 75 in 3 days lol now im working on Fo/TE at the moment. It turns out i was not going to spend 1k+ on AC LOL only spent $250 so far XD... so much more to be done!!!

@SeijinNoboru levels so far:

Hunter 72 Fighter 50 Ranger 75 Braver 57

I have been spending all my meseta leveling 3 different MAGs and buying AC emotes that fall to around 100K. I needs me some mooneeeey.

@John-Paul-RAGE nice! currently at Hunter 62 Fighter 75 Force 62 Teacher 45 and yeah i made my meseta just by doing the AC scratches and selling what ever i had on on the market lol.

Hunter 75 Fighter 69 Gunner 49

Been working on getting my main to 75/75 then working on my Gu/Hu and Te/Hu which are other characters so I get to level Hu 2 more times.

@SirDoodlesAlot good stuff! I know with my builds for a few classes will take some time knowing Hunter wont be a sub.. going to take some time to reach max lvl lol.

@SeijinNoboru I should really just do Gu/Ra and Te/Fo just to get those classes leveled

@SirDoodlesAlot I really want to get either FO or TE to 70 so i can use those compound techs! 😏 😸

I've been grinding. Got Force to 75, Hunter 30, Techter 75, and Braver 60. And currently making lots of meseta. 😄

@Home-Dog nice! I think I can get my force to 70 by tomorrow for sure!

I just wanna be done with the grind so I can chill. Only have 7 characters to get to 75/75 and geared up. EZ

@SirDoodlesAlot said in Brief Intermission!:

I just wanna be done with the grind so I can chill. Only have 7 characters to get to 75/75 and geared up. EZ

I feel that. I wanna chill out but when I am about to get off or take a break, an Urgent Quest announcement pops up and then I tell myself "I'll get off after this" and then I find like 10 other things I need to do after the UQ lol And then by the time I finish those things another UQ starts! It's never ending!

I've been having a pretty good time going through the story. I've got a few classes in the level 20-30 range, trying to hit 30 with all of them as a personal milestone, but my main class bouncer is level 54 right now. I've also been working the market and upgrading things like my support rings and weapons and such. I've also found myself quite invested in lookbook, and managed to get myself all the way up to the second page for top likes/views and I'm quite proud of myself for that lol.

I've been taking my time. Though I'm still working full time in one of the business categories listed as an essential service. In my case I get paid well and we're getting additional bonuses and we added additional benefits to assist those that work in my company that happen to catch the imported beer bug.

As such atm I'm just lv 48 Braver and I think Hunter hit 21-22 due to being set as a subclass. I created an Alliance on ship 02 since I tend to enjoy smaller guilds/alliances/free companies, etc... in games more than giant ones where I don't even know like 80% of the people in it. Though it's a little more empty than I'd like it to be atm. I have had some deep conversations with the photon tree... Currently my only friend on this side since my RL friends are being lazy and not gotten on yet.

My first week has been...productive, to say the least.

  • Hunter/Summoner to 75 each
  • Cleared all 3 Extreme quests to floor 70
  • 1000/1000 Gamerscore
  • Cleared story (Young XXXXXXX's voice is hilariously bad, it's the stuff of legends, possibly so bad it's good)
  • 13* weapon to +35
  • 250 Titles acquired (Titles gives you wings!)