Techter Discussion

Hello fellow Techters!

I'm Lynn F. (just call me Lynn). I'm a Techter player on PSO2 JP. If you have any questions or concerns, or just want to talk about the class, say something here!

I personally find Techter to be a really enjoyable class, the perfect balance between close-range and being able to use techniques. It was my first class I played seriously when I first started on PSO2. ­čśŐ

As the universally-acclaimed Baron of Bonks, I too can provide guidance, specifically for a TE/HU build.

I like Te/Fi myself, but Te/Hu is also good

TE/FI is for those who like to live dangerously.

TE/HU is for those who wish to live forever.

Been a Techter main for almost 3 years now. I can talk pretty much about any Te combination Te/Hu, Te/Ra, Te/Fi, Te/Br, Te/Bo, Te/Su, and my personal favorite Te/Ph!

@Il├║vatar teach me your Te/Hu ways.

Te/Fi was my child until Te/Ph came to be.Love this class to death and been a main for 3 years!

Awesome thanks! ÔťŐ


I'm that weird guy running Te/Su :X

@Valleria-Lockheart TeSu is pretty fun for bossing. Point Assist likes to be kind of finicky, but it's a strong multiplier that complements techniques and wand whacks.

@yumiyime Oi yeah I remember how finnicky Point Assist can be lol but when you land that mark mmmmm mahvelous!

I played before and used to play Braver but I had a character I played with on PSU for years and was an AcroTecher. I really wanted to recreate that character and Techter is the closest. But holy crap TeHu is so much fun. I may be playing with nostalgia goggles but I really never had more fun in a game than my PSU days and those feelings are flooding back. it's really good to be back.

I used to play TE/Hu a lot but for me having good Tech damage is very important so I prefer other class combos more.

Tech damage is for Forces. The true power move is to play TE/HU and be incredibly hard to kill.