Old PSO2 Main Menu Option

I think it would be nice if we could have an option to change the main menu to the old one while keeping the options like "Start PSO2:NGS" and the graphics. I'm not a fan of the new main menu and prefer the old one, and I am sure some others could agree to an extent. I imagine this could work as a setting where you can choose which you want, like a theme in a way.

I support this idea, as players would be able to customize their title screen between the two versions. As much as I like the new screen, it's bad for evening play, because of how bright it is, whereas the old menu was darker. Could help people that are dealing with heat waves, and power conservation, playing at night, as one for instance. I turn my screen brightness down for that reason alone, but that setting resets until you get passed the first part of the main menu.