New genesis Volkraptor

Hi I invested in a multi tool launcher Partisan with the impression that the weapon action causing volkraptor would detonate no matter what damage type I was using towards it. No where in the description does it state that the type of damage used to detonate the blast has to come from the partisan directly and I was sure it would function somewhat similarly to blight rounds since it reads almost the same way, but when attempting to use launcher damage the ability does not proc in anyway doesn't even go on cool down telling me that any other source of damage does not proc its effect. I hope that its a bug so that my idea of using blight rounds amplifying the launchers sticky bomb and fear eraser combined with the volkraptor proc could result in some huge burst damage. If it works as intended it really should read in the description that "... taking a certain amount of damage(From a partisan)" instead of just clearly saying certain amount of damage. If it is working as intended is there any sort of compensation for the meseta and materials used to multi and enhance the weapon specifically to see that combo come into play?

Thank you for hearing me out and I would just like to know.

Seeing as it would be very obviously incredibly broken on multi-weapon if it worked on other weapons, it's probably intended. Compensation is very unlikely to happen given SEGA's record on this kind of issue, but we don't know for sure unless SEGA acknowledges this.

I figured compensation would be unlikely but they definitely should be more clear on how these things function. As someone who hasn't played a lot of pso any research I have done on volkraptor talks about how weak and underwhelming it is with little damage for the minute cooldown so i didnt expect it to feel that broken.