Color change pass

One weeks of dailies worth of Meseta for one universal colour dye is actually pretty cheap for a F2P MMO, especially when you think about all the other ways to make money easily in the game.

I mean god some subscription MMOs have worse dye systems.

@Lorient said in Color change pass:

@GrandTickler87 No, last month was 2 color passes as well. I fully maxed out this month and last month and have 4 passes.

ty for confirming


Still not true. I would have 4 as well. It was salon passes previously. Regardless, theres a new pass coming, we will see this week.

@ARKHAM-CANNON I can corroborate that each Mission Pass Gold gives 2 Color Change Passes (one in normal gold tiers and one in overtime), and has since the first season. Either you accidentally used yours, or you have simply put them in the wrong storage, like an alt's Character Storage.

@AndrlCh That's what I was about to say too. They were 100% part of the pass, Arkham must have either used them by mistake, stored them, or discarded them.

This is a meseta and AC scratch item sink. I am pretty sure Sega knew what they were doing and this is to keep the economy healthy. Regardless if you play the game daily these passes do not cost too much. If you are a newer player still building up your resources then I suggest you wait a bit and save the ones you get from the mission pass.

@Penndragon87 Pretty much this. This takes some of the outerwear costume pieces out of the market (since those seem to usually be the cheapest pieces as they're reusable) and helps those items actually sell for decent prices on the market. Not sure I'd call it a meseta sink as the money is going to other players and not just disappearing into the system. But it's definitely to help regulate the AC item market from decreasing prices.


Nope. Cant go back in time now, but how pray tell would I have discarded not one but two passes? I have been gunning for them for months now.

I dont have any issue being wrong, it is what it is..but...yeah there weren't any passes in a previous mission pass, so its not quite accurate to say every mission pass. Sry to be technical about it.

If the next one does, then it is what it is. But im not crazy (much)

@ARKHAM-CANNON Except it has been 2 in every Mission Pass, one on Tier 20 and one on Tier 34.

This video shows Season 2 and shows the Color Change Pass on Tier 20 at 8:14 (he doesn't show the overtime tiers since he hadn't unlocked them).

You can also see it listed on the Mission Pass Season 3 announcement in the Consumables section:

And if we are counting personal anecdotes as proof, then I can account for all 8 of the Color Change Passes I have received from the Mission Passes as I have not obtained a single one from the Swap Shop, and have recolored 2 Outfits and 3 Outer Wear, with 3 unused Passes in my Storage.

Again, if you didn't use them or discard them, it is just possible you have them in the Character Storage of one of your alts.

or he just didnt get them because season 3 was halfway trough when PC released.

how to know whether an outfit is recolorable or not?

@shachou The way to tell if an outfit/outerwear can be recolored is if they have a color box on the description window.

Can be recolored: 33289aab-77a2-4f87-877f-978b2b7da050-image.png

Fixed color: 328c34d6-83ac-4c6c-88d1-ed8cff658266-image.png

CAST parts have an exception to this rule since the body, arms, and legs take on the head colors.