Color change pass

Hi all, I got some new parts for my CAST and I would love to change the color of it to see if I can find something better. Anyone know how to do it? Can a salon free pass work for that? Any help would be appreciated.

The Salon Pass will not allow you to change CAST colors, rather you need a Color Change Pass which currently can be obtained in the Swap Shop by trading in AC Scratch items (I also think one or two are available in the Mission Pass).

@AndrlCh this doesn’t explain where to swap it at

@Zeus The Swap Shop is located in your Menu:

alt text

You will find the Color Change Pass in there and when you select it, a menu will come up with items that are eligible to be used to obtain it, ie. Recycle Badges (assuming they have been fixed) and items that came from the AC scratch which have a green border around their icon like this:

alt text

Once you have a Color Change Pass, keep it in your Inventory and enter the Salon; you should now be able to change your CAST's color or the color of a recolorable Costume/Outerwear. Once you go to exit the Salon and confirm the changes, then the Color Change Pass will be consumed; if you have Premium, you have 60 minutes of in-game time to make further adjustments to the colors when going back into the Salon before the change is finalized.

@AndrlCh thank you

Wait, wait wait... only 60 minutes of free changes with a paid Premium Service? Isn't that a scam? I mean, Premium Services usually last the standard of 7-30+ days, with all bonus features available within the time frame.

Nexon allows for dyes and character changes with free Beauty Shop events and free cosmetic items in Mabinogi. That's 100% free customization 100% of the time, compared to PSO2. Is it just me, or is SEGA just trying to milk it's users? Cause it certainly feels unnecessary to require cosmetic payment, with scratchers (Loot Boxes) costing well over $50 for getting the most out of a collection.