Everytime i do the UQ, I cant see the boss its is the 4th time that happen to me, but i can get the loot and EXP. I'm playing on medium settings

Same but only the Pettas Vera UQ totally invisible.

they need to fix that if they can

You need to reinstall the game or use Steam Verify files, This issue is related to the Tweaker borking up the game on update.

Ok so... I used the Steam verify files and i got an error (116 768files not found) i checked and the game has disapear lol now i have to download it again ! Nice... ( before that i played the game with no problem except the invisible UQ boss).

I, too, have this problem. using Tweaker/windows version. I've tried doing full file check, but didn't fix. I feel so useless. I did notice I could res people, though. But that's literally all I could do to contribute.