I was so happy that I went back to Kanai Isle and on my way there and back. I found so many nice stuff, Many red boxes, at least 3 with money and 4 with SG. Found Trinite nods that I have been looking a lot and other nodes on the way. But when I got bock ro central city to put them into the storage, where are my trinites? where are my photon chunks? the money and sg didn't disappear, it was still worth it. But my Materials were gone.

Whats the reason to spend 1 hour farming if it is gonna be just a waste of time. I haven't played PSO2 for a long time. I mean, I used to play the previous version and I did quit a while ago. Came back to try out this new one and I as much as I am enjoying the gameplay, these bugs push me away. It is already hard to make money other than weeklies, and the few material we get to try to upgrade weapons get stolen by a f'ing bug or whatever this is.

I already have enough battle power to play the whole content of the game so far, but I still want to upgrade other weapons for other classes, I want to upgrade a weapon for my own main class, because I still use the ones from the old pso2 that are good enough anyway. But I want to try new things and the game keep getting in the way.

I am not having fun losing my stuff. Now imagine if I was dumb to buy premium or other stuff before trying the game. I wont spend 1 dollar in this game untill you stop stealing my loot.

Do you have perhaps have the material storage ? if so they are there. They get put automatically there if that's the case. They won't be found in your inventory unless you retrieve them from there. But if you have that they will be used automatically ...no need to retrieve them.

@ShinoKoba I have material storage, but it is expired, since as I said I havent played the game for so long. There are only stuff from old pso2 version in it and I checked for my stuff anyway and it isn't there. Photon Chunk, Trinites, Monlites, everything I farmed today isn't anywhere. Evem the chat log says the quantity I got from each material and they aren't anywhere.

Maybe you had the inventory full and they are in the the Drop Storage ? Did you check that too ?.