I'm confused with waypoints and the Ryuker Device

I been trying to use the waypoint system but the navigation icon doesn't show when you pinned it to a area you want to go to. I have to use the map to see if I'm going the right way and the Ryuker Device's storage doesn't work either when I click it takes me to my item menu instead of storage menu ? I'm confused and frustrated about it.

you can access the storage menu from the inventory, if you press over in the inventory it will open the storages so is not like is in base PSO2 that each one has a different menu and also you can move stuff from your storage directly without using a ryuker.

now the waypoints don't show in your screen but they are in the minimap so you can use that to guide you, unless is not appearing there that will be a bug.

@Jamesmor ok I understand now thank you