Will Multi-Weapons between Melee/Range weapons and Tech weapons make it so Techniques scale with Melee/Range power?

Title, I'm running Hu/Te and considering multiweaponing my Sword with a Wand so I'll be able to exploit elemantal weaknesses with my Wand while ultimately dealing damage with my Sword. My main concern was the techniques and photonic fury not scaling with my melee power, is this the case?

@Ukita Each weapon type scales with the category it's in (melee/ranged/technique) no matter what. So no, even multi weaponing won't allow your techniques to scale with either melee or ranged power.

@NotWhoUThink I see, thanks for the reply.

To build on what NotWhoUThink said earlier NGS does offer a few ways to work around potency being split into three types.

For one, NGS has augments that increase both melee and tech potency. Weapon potentials also give straight potency rather than melee/ranged/tech potency meaning they effect the damage of any attack you do.

Depending on how you set up your gear it maybe possible to achieve roughly equal melee and tech potency allowing you to support the sword/tech playstyle you mentioned.

In the earlier betas multi-weapons did allow your subclass weapons to scale up but in the actual game this is no longer the case due to some power exploits that happened with class combinations (namely the main-class Techer who could forgo the wand and use subclass weapons stronger than most other main classes due to Shifta/Deband exclusivity).

When you now use a multi-weapon it follows the same rules as the subclass weapons. Weapons that belong to your main class (Sword/Partizan/Wired Lance for Hunter, for example) will get a 10% unconditional damage bonus whereas the subclass weapons don't get a weapon. If you create a multi-weapon using main class weapons all parts of it get that 10% bonus damage but if you create one using a subclass weapon the subclass weapon part of the multi-weapon simply does not get that 10% bonus.