Lag is back today: Let's all do our part to bring it to their attention.

So, yesterday was pretty amazing. It was the first day I've gotten to play PSO2:NGS without any sort of lag. I wanna give them a nice congratulations for taking care of the issue and possibly feeding that poor hamster that's running to keep the servers up.

I'm guessing it's partially due to the fact that people who were ironically waiting on the lag to be fixed are coming back, but the servers this morning are suffering from a bit of lag again, and while it's nowhere near as bad as it was previously with the whole minute lockups during trials/etc etc, it's back but maybe only doing the lockups for like 3-5 seconds or so. I'm hoping they can work their server magic again and bring it back to how it was previously.

I'm bringing this up to attention here because I'm hoping that everyone that gets a chance to see it an experiences similar issues will take a moment to report the issue at the following link:

In the top right corner there is a "submit a request" button that will allow you to fill out a form with details.

If you wind up experiencing this problem, I urge you to submit a ticket. It's only through feedback that they can possibly know what needs attention. If you ever run into any sort of other technical issues, the above link also works to submit feedback.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a good day.

I don't know, I didn't have any lag (finally I would say) all day ..farming forest and and just roaming around to explore farm mats. On a side note ...some people joked around about the new bug of the boss missing like..." they fixed the lag not making the boss spawn for some boss lag"

I think any lag I get at this point is just my 4 year old laptop loading in all the assets and character models for the current area.

Since maintenance its been brilliant, will see how it goes today!