Unowned cosmetics appearing on character..

A black beret appearing on my character model, I dont have this item equiped or even owned. Is anyone else having this problem?6-17-2021_1-00-49_PM-o15kixt5.png The item doesnt show up in the salon : 6-17-2021_1-49-05_PM-kd3jecbt.png

It would be a good idea if you also show the accessories tab in the salon. You are wearing wings, glasses, and probably something else that for some reason is not displayed correctly in the menu. Then those who have this accessory will be able to check whether it works correctly or not.

@K-UwU Noted, I will update the report.

@Deja-Tsu that’s an alliance accessory, it takes up the 4th accessory slot. You can turn it off in the settings if you find it on yourself.

Usually having your alliance rank changed makes it appear on you

@Pariah-Chan It worked, appreciate the help!