Failed to equip Looks due to an equipment error?

I cannot equip any of my looks anymore due to an error message saying " Failed to execute due to an equipment error." and it bothers me because I have a lot of different looks and I'm constantly switching between them. Now i cant use any of my saved outfits anymore 😣 I tried removing all my Weapons and armor but still does not work. Please fix this 😭 I have all the parts and clothes in my inventory. this worked fine for me all this time until today. Logging out and logging in does not fix the issue.

This is what appears when I try. same message in the salon too. also the same message in PSO 2 original game. Capture.JPG

I was having this issue as well. To fix this issue, make sure that your inventory is not full, or else you will get that error. Hopefully, that will work for you as well.