What sort of housing do you want?

Open World - Place anywhere

Semi Open World - Pre-sized lots within a specific section or zone of the world

Semi Instanced - Instanced neighborhoods with pre-sized lots/prefabs can build on


I'm personally hoping for Semi Open World like Archeage, it's nice to be able to see and talk to your neighbor.

Open world doesn't work in MMORPG with more than 2k players in them. Semi instanced with say friends or your Alliance only would work best in this game. So I'd vote for Semi instanced.

I want the kind that is so far down on the list of things to do that it gets forgotten about.

@Aquila-ibis That's a good point, and the world so far doesn't have a lot of flat open space. Semi-instanced would probably be best

Anything that isnt like final fantasy 14

Semi-Instanced would be a lot better than what we had in PSO2 main, but also make these new areas larger and allow for more stuff, the old PQ cap of 150 gets filled too quickly.

@Nic-The-Hero You probably don't like FF14's version because it's limited quantity. But that's because of the server limitations.

And as I typed that I now wonder if NGS servers are more powerful or weaker than FFXIV's...

@LazerRay said in What sort of housing do you want?:

Semi-Instanced would be a lot better than what we had in PSO2 main, but also make these new areas larger and allow for more stuff, the old PQ cap of 150 gets filled too quickly.

It also like to be able to use old PSO2 furniture if this is a thing. I have some cool stuff, that would look good together, but never had the room for in my old PSO2 pq.

Instantiated guild-based neighbourhood, with big guild hall in the center/ some other distinctive location and enough plots around it for everyone to have personalised house

I think basically just a more customizable version of the pso2 personal quarters would work fine. Basically make the room more interactive for people that come in (like maybe incorporate some version of the practice mode so people can fight a stationary target or something), and have more item placement slots and like rooms you can change the shape of instead of having to use the furniture walls. And more customizable permissions for who can and can't enter the personal quarters.

I think the furniture system would also be good to incorporate into alliance quarters if they ever add them too, where the guild leader can also decide who can change the furniture. Otherwise for the guild quarters I think a similar system to Warframe that also has teleporters into alliance quarters, but also have teleporters that could be used to enter members personal quarters if they have them set to allow alliance members in.

I would love a Personal Quarters that would effectively be something like a dorm to something like the Team Room/Alliance Quarters. If we were able to build and expand the rooms/locations and also utilize something like finer placements on decorations and items (say like in Warframe for example where you can have a grid or not depending by a toggle when placing items) and without the limitations we have on Personal Quarters, I can imagine a lot more decorating happen. I would love some verticality in these and hopefully an implementation of the "VR" the Team Rooms had where you can change your location even if it didn't fully make sense (though that's for me hoping to see remastered/recreated/inspired areas from the original game as potential home base settings).

As strange as it is too, now that I think about it, I wonder if the Screenshot Studio would be extended to New Genesis as well.

To add to my post earlier, can we also have the Tames as PQ pets since some of them might look nice with some characters (like my alt who is a kitsune/fox girl having a Voks roaming around.


And combining PQs with AQs would make things more interesting so see how that neighborhood develops.

@LazerRay If we can have multiple rooms (and not just "three" or technically six via changing rooms used) and expand our houses I would love to have a TAMES room or potentially even a decked-out Rappy room complete with that Emperappy that you can interact with.

Maybe we could have our own little instances of scenic areas that could have a house on them and a little farm so we could go the stuff for our preferred recipes

Never been too into the housing aspect, but something between semi-open and semi-instanced seems like it would fit well for the game. There's already a building in Central that's supposed to hold your quarters, so I could see them using that as an entrance to an apartment styled housing instance. If the world gets large enough, they could stick a couple of buildings or areas around the map for similar purposes. Couple of city/base ones, a camp or two, maybe even a repurposed Cocoon/Tower if the story ever gets to the point where we figure out what's behind the tech.