how to get the j sword Tsumikiri J-Sword

how do i unlock this weapon camo 5213660e-b650-45cc-ba19-e968a6f6c4a1-image.png

where do i get the sealed nodachi

what are the steps to get this camo

sealed nodachi drops in cradle of darkness. once you kill 23k enemies you get a title and the camo.

There are more locations/UQs/triggers it will drop in than just Cradle.

I have like 12 of them from cradle, so I was under the impression it's the best way to get them quickly which is what the OP wants.

Options are always good, there is more than one way to skin a cat. ;^p

OP may also not know about the Visiphone wiki.

The best way to get them is htpd, but it's hard to to just tell somebody "just run htpd" as an advice.

It will feel as tho you will never unlock it or you did something wrong and reset the timer! Just hang in there an keep killing! Try to have fun with this is rewarding when you do.

It literally takes 3 hours of harukotan rush practice spam, so even less than in pso1, because the average killspeed is much higher.

@Trigunman isn't there anyother way to farm it than UQ

Nope, Rare Drop from those UQs/Triggers only.

@Yui2387 what difficulty UQ is best

It is 15*, I think it can only drop in UH.

@Kodiakmax whats the best difficulty to farm UQ

You could try an EH trigger and see if you get any 15* drops. I don't know if the Quest Log would be any help anymore.