Males armour glitch or censorship?

Excuse me but when will the issue with the males armour not being removed to show the Movas(In) be resolved? The female mambers can be shown in customization in just their inner wear but mens cannot. I cannot put on the undergarment nor use the tattoos for it. This makes the males customs and options less accessable. When will this problem be fixed or was this one of those censoring methods?

@Seriph-Angel said in Males armour glitch or censorship?:

When will this problem be fixed or was this one of those censoring methods?

Sega NA hates smol tiddies and short body so it is 100% censore

I never thought of it as censorship, just assumed it was a bug I’ve been trying to bypass for the last few day. 😕

@Pariah-Chan @dalamar I have just learned from a friend that the innerwear for men are available on the PC version of the game. So "if" it is a bug. I would hope that it is fixed soon because certain tattoos etc can only be worn while that innerwear is available.

The real question is if this issue is affecting the JP version. Cuz if it’s not, this might be another case of unwanted censorship again

Is anyone able to test this on JP? I’m highly curious about it now

@Pariah-Chan I dont have this bug in either version of the game strangely

Hope ya'll submitted a bug report ticket to Sega about it. I sent them one, linking to this and other discussions (from here and on Reddit) pertaining to this bug.

i am also having this issue, sucks cause id like to be able to start making my character at some point in the ngs models

Same, and not being able to see your actual proportions is a big issue.

@Seriph-Angel sadly this bug exist on the PC version too, some people reported setting graphic to ultra enable the toggle but otherwise can not.

@Keymice5359 Gonna see if that Ultra setting thing works.

EDIT: Yeah, just works on Ultra settings.

@Kiba-Miyata How do I submit a bug report?

I've been dealing with the same annoying glitch. I also thought it was censorship at first, but it wasn't there in the benchmark and doesn't apply to old pso2 bodies (which can also gender swap now). It's impossible to make sure you're proportionate with the glitch in place, and it screws up scratch previews.

Edit: Set Simple Graphics to Ultra, then manually adjust your graphics settings. You have to go into your settings and change it to Ultra every time you restart the game, even if you didn't change anything. Definitely a glitch. Thanks to @Kiba-Miyata for mentioning the Ultra settings trick.