Hello, Lord Starscream Speaking. I am Primarch of my Discord Community, we are looking for members who are wanting to have friends communicate in parties and just have a fun time on PSO2. If you've been on ship 1 and block 1 or 2 you've probably seen me. I am mostly recruiting.

THS stands for The Hollowed Soldiers. We are based on Warhammer 40k, but that doesn't define us. We have members who love anime, Role-playing, video games, Books, and other hobbies. We are an active community, we are online every day, if the discord seems empty, it's because everyone is online on xbox, but if you are PC, this isn't an issue, for Discord is all consoles. You can talk to our members freely on our discord, and you'd get responses quickly. Discord is our Operation Hub. THS was founded for people who lonely and depressed. Most of our members have had it hard, and we've been there to take them out of that hole. I will be honest though. We joke around a lot, and we at times get rough. That's why the age limit is 18+

If you want more information, find me on PSO2. Lord Starscream. Gamertag: DeathBullet117 Logo 2.jpg