112/113 red container side quest bugged

my map say that i have found them all but the quest is stuck at 112/113 red container. and yes i have use a guide and did it 3 time still cant find one more red container

I got the same bug.

Ran into this a few days ago. Used a photo guide to finish, all collection tabs reflect all boxes broken. Double checked with the photo guide and triple checked yesterday with a series of video guides.

Would definitely like to see this acknowledged by the team at the bare minimum.

I too have this problem and have photo evidence saying that I've collected all the red containers in the areas but the quest hasn't completed. I've checked many times as well as abandoning the quest and restarting the game but nothing has worked

I hate this bug. Did all the work and finding the redboxes, which is honestly a reasonable collection quest and it bugs out. I have dont everything I could to my console, game & quest and nothing works