A few Questions about the Game

Hi there,

i startet the game yesterday and after a while i noticed i could spare 2 slots in my pallete if i would just assign dedicated buttons to the standard attack and weapon ability functions. Of course there is no Dedicated button for standard attack so i just put it on the last slot in my sub pallete and let the left mouse button use the chosen slot. im using the slots by numbers on the keyboard so the chosen slot never changes and i have my dedicated button. Now one thing annoys me to death. The litle "blip" sound that is triggered every time you use/activate something from the Sub Pallete. Is there ANY way at all to mute, disable or remove that sound effect? Sadly the Gamefiles are obfuscated so deleting or replacing a soundfile with an empty soundfile is no option i guess. It drives me a bit crazy, but its still the best way to lay out the buttons because that way i only need one main pallete so far. the first three are the standart element spells, the second three are the advanced versions of the spells. all the class skils lay on 1-5. and The healing, resurrection and Photon blast lay on 7-9 where i assigned a few extra mouse buttons to. Nice and easy. if this friggin blip sound wasnt there. Yeah i know i could just disable the sound effects but i do not want do disable all of them.

There's no need to map basic attack to the sub pallete, it is mapped to the Weapon pallete. The only reason to put PAs/Techs in the sub pallette would be with a multiweapon.

Ive got 6 Spells. 2 For each element. As you know you have 6 slots in the Weapon pallete. Enough for all spells if i do not use one up for basic attack. That saves me the hassle of switching through palletes mid battle. And also saves a lot of switching around because in every situation i can use my basic attack if im out of pp. But thats not the point here. I did not exactly ask if its neccessary to put the basic attack into the Sub Pallete. What i did was asking if someone knows a way to get rid of this little "blip" sound when you activate something from the Subpallete.

You can just set your weapon on multiple weapon palettes and just use one element per weapon palette. Alternatively, mute your game. Also, you're going to need your weapon action, so that's two things that aren't techniques you should have on your weapon palette.

Weapon action has a dedicated button assignement. its right there in the Controls menu. And the whole deal is to not use just one element per palette. Muting the game doesnt cut it. What kind of lunatic would play a game without any sound? I know there are some but i cant comprehend. its like watching a movie and disabling sound. Why would anyone like to do that? If you are this disinterestet in the game why play at all?

I would just ignore the people telling you how to set up your weapon pal and sub pal. The game now allows you to put anything, anywhere. Want to put your normal and weapon action on your sub pal go ahead, want to put an active skill on your weapon pal go ahead, it’s a lot more flexible Than what base pso2 was. The reason they allow you to do this is so you can set everything how you prefer, and that is going to give you best control and gameplay experience. Just keep trying things in different slots till you’re happy with the layout. No idea how to mute the sound, I don’t even notice it anymore.

@BlackZero500 You might find some useful key-binding tips in the video Cammy just uploaded, including using chat shortcuts to swap pallets which I was always envious of in base PSO2 as a(n XBox) controller player.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen anything on how to turn that specific sound off. But that may be because I'm one of those monsters that plays the game on mute XD

@BlackZero500 I personally used a setup with my front bar being normal attack, zonde, weapon action, and my back bar being Barta, foie and weapon action. Then used a second set up to do the same with the Aoe spells. This set-up is more than fine because generally you're mobbing or you are bossing. (And realistically Zonde alone is decent enough at mobbing that you can get away with not needing to actually use elemental weaknesses except in the case of the big belly mobs. (or you can target there butt and just zonde anyways but i find breaking the belly better when theres alot of people around. Could trade foie out for Gifoie on single target damage. the charge is quite powerful, but its a 3 hit attack and I personally find charged foie better because it charges twice as fast and is an aoe, (plus damage all at once) Also can hit the targeted spot even if you aren't on that side of the boss. Yum.

@TEN-SQUARE-3 Thanks, almost thought this is one of "those" forums where noone can just answer a question without stating in one way or the other that even asking this question is dumb and should be punished.... So thanks anyway even if you did not have an answer to my question.

@Rang-Dipkin Hey thanks i will definitly watch that video.

@FoolsArcana Its not like this is a bad setup. I just really really dislike changing palletes mid battle because i tend to get frantic and take forever to choose the right one. Yeah i know there are shortcuts, but in the thick of the battle i tend to forget those things. So i really like my setup where i only need one Pallet. Of course im aware of the weaknesses in this setup. For one if i start using two weapons or even a Multiweapon that setup will no longer work as is cause i will need to assign a second button for the other weapons basic attack. But i will cross that bridge when i get to it. And i really cant understand why anyone would put the Weapon action on the Pallete when you can just assign ANY button be it on Mouse or Keyboard to it. I mean you are practically wasting one slot, or in your case two. But i understand that most people play with normal mouse's (is that correct? Mouses?) i have got a few extra buttons on my mouse so im comfortable with laying some inputs there. Like i also have a dedicated button on my mouse i use for Restasigne and such.

For your strategic input i have a few questions. How are you using Zonde? In my experience its the weakest of all spells. i mostly only use it for the little TAMES because i can Kill multiple ones of them without even targeting. I sometimes use the Advanced version, Gizonde? for the field of damage for a few seconds. But mostly i just use Foie and Barta and sometimes the advanced versions of them. I also favor the Charged Foie. Also i use Gifoye only charged because if i want aoe around me i just use the appropriate Talis skill to transform every spell into a AOE spell. very useful in the early stages of PSE Burst when there are many small mobs.

@BlackZero500 I'm using a multiweapon and playing on controller, so it's the set-up that works for me. It's just two different ones, Aoe or single target. So if it's alot of mobs, aoe pallete, if its a boss, single target. However, like mentioned, you can also just opt to Zonde.

But that is what works for me, and everyone will find their niche. If what you are doing works then awesome. If I were using M&KB, I would also likely assign the extra keys on my mouse to weapon actions. It's great that they allow for that level of keymapping.

Strategically, I'm using Zonde for overall mobbing because it forks to other enemies and hits multiple enemies even if they are a bit spread out. (Charged foie has a decent range on it, but not quite as long as zonde) Also, if you have taken the Zonde-Clad skill, then every 2-3 casts of Zonde when it's hitting in a crowd, you'll become charged and can unleashed a buffed up charged gizonde(or a buffed up zonde that will fork out but personally i think running in with charged gizonde is the play here.) Typically, drop Gizonde uncharged, zonde 2-3 times, then charge gizonde for a huge overall aoe burst and repeat.

As far as mobbing goes though, as I play more and more with my multiweapon, i do sometimes just deploy the talis in aoe mode and jump into the group spamming their elemental weakness, but this puts me right into the danger for a bit more dps per pp. using zonde as above, and unleashing charged zondes for Zonde clad can be a safer option. If you're okay doing the latter with Talis, it is definitely the more potent play here.

Otherwise, generally, I only use Charged Barta against single enemies weak to ice until I have built up the first level of Barta Blot using the Rod guard/elemental bullet tech counter. Then I build up the second stage with uncharged bartas and break it on a weak point. Then repeat. Gibarta requires you to be up close no different from deployed talis and other than taking advantage of barta blot except it is a cone in front of you(which with the way the current enemies move and constantly move around you, this usually ends up being wasted effort/pp, in my opinion/experience)

And Foie enemies I just rely on charged Foie. Charged Gifoie is really awesome damage but only worth while if all three ticks will hit the boss. I feel this way because it takes 18 milliseconds longer to charge than a Foie (.22 vs .40) and does it's potency over 3 hits as opposed to 1 full power hit that I can practically charge two of in the time it takes to charge one Gifoie. If you were not gonna use Talis at all, I think Gifoie would be the next best thing for down phases. But this is definitely just my opinion/experience.

For all boss enemies, I will deploy talis in Convergence mode and rapid fire techs into the weak point during down phases and will otherwise spam the charged version of the spell they are weak to unless its zonde, in which case I spam zonde for zonde clad and charge zonde for the buffed damage, unless it's a heavy movement phase (Nex Fireballs/Gun doll's laser/flying rocks attacks). I will use Barta as listed above. I haven't really found a use for the spread shot mode, but I assume its something along the lines of trying to use GIbarta. A safer option for distant mobbing if you were gonna deploy for that way for aoeing.

Edit: Also, on my lazier days, I switch the main element on front weapon palette to match the weakness of what I was fighting and just went that route. Zonde for general mobbing/uq, Foie for Alters, Barta for Dolls. Having the said Aoe spell for that element on the back palette for increased simplicity. I would have to run 3 set-ups this way, but it was still simple enough to swap through, even in mid combat if necessary.

@FoolsArcana he just had an audio question my guy

@delphium1695 I know, but the only option for that is to turn the menu sound slider down/off and otherwise.