Error 640

does anyone know how to fix this error 640 its saying there is mismatch between my version of the game and server and idk how to file check when im running the game on pc :{

hey @LordFlood2994 how did you fix it ?

Updated everything and still get error "No[640]" Software version mismatch. My only guess is that the Microsoft store hasn't received the update? Not sure what else to do

@bengerman777 yeah i have the same problem... i've downloaded in Steam version and it works...

Guessing I'll just have to go the steam route too. Really sucks having to do this but Steam seems to get the updates faster. Thanks @Xick75 much appreciated!

No problem, i hope they gonna put a patch update for microsoft store soon because i didn't link my account MS in to steam yet ( character code etc...) so now i can't play on my character 😞

So I just finished downloading and now I have the same problem you have @Xick75 xD This is pretty frustrating since I deleted the Microsoft store version and now how to redownload it and wait for an update to get a code. Looks like I won't be able to play today which really sucks.

Yeah now i have both version ( steam and MS , maybe i should download a 3rd one epic games ??? )... Yeah that's painfull i'm gonna wait tomorrow for playing it ! Hope they are gonna fix it asap !

It's a Windows 10 update issue I was getting the same error and the Microsoft store was not updating the game. But I fix it by updated to the latest Windows 10 update to Version 21H1 and now the store is updating the game again.


Seems doesn't work

Everything on W10 are full update


Woops nvm something happened here : i'm waiting and give more info after it done Untitled-8.png


It works... Thanks @DarkIcyfox for the help 🙂

i can't get it works 😞 i can log in but the same as ever 'version error 640' what i already tried: -update win 10 -update everything of microsoft store now i have comeback back to steam again (where the same issue was with pso2) everything was fine with microsoft store... who knows what happend

The 21H1 Windows update didn't help me at all. Today I've uninstalled the game, had to manually remove the game data fromWindowsApps directory (not fun), downloaded 98gb of new data, the game did its little downloads, nothing, downloaded the 21H1 update...nothing.

I hate Microsoft and I hope the Microsoft store team feels shame for what they are forcing me through. Moving to Steam ASAP.

I have the same issue and I cannot go to the steam version because I live in Belgium and the game is not available on Steam for Belgians.. Great

I am having the same issue, downloaded the 21h1 update, did not fix it. I am from the United States and I am sick and tired of jumping through hoops with microsoft trying to get a game to work for a mini update!