[NGS] Feedback/Suggestions

First off, love the feel of the game in general. Having a lot of fun playing through and am currently around level 17 or 18, having completed the full storyline of chapter 1. Current class is a fighter/techer.

Second, from what information i have access to it appears the game was... rushed would be the blunt term, though it implies a negative i dont intend. theres a frankly shocking lack of bugs for a modern release much less one that was apparently built from the ground up in less than a year. between that and the overall quality of what is in the game i give tremendous kudo's to the development team; they did a frankly amazing job. Part of this segment is to show that im aware the systems are not complete and will be expanded on later, and that i am not being judgmental on any aspect of that.

so onward to my actual commentary as to what has been done already and what i personally hope to see as the systems get built up and expanded.

Class Skill Trees - Currently the class trees feel a bit lackluster, especially from a multi-classing standpoint. In NGS, it seems you do not gain stat bonuses from multi-classing; all it does is give you access to the class tree functionally speaking. Fair enough, I've no commentary or opinion on that. It's hard to figure out how to say, but it feels less like your picking a class than picking a weapon. This includes the spellcasting classes. I know this will be addressed in later chapters, but I'm putting it here in part for thoroughness and partially to try and put into words what feels off about the trees. This is mostly in context of subclassing.

Spells - this is linked to the trees, at least in context of the spellcasting classes. As things stand, there are only six spells in the game. Foie, Barta, Zonde, Rafoie, Rabarta, Razonde if memory serves. Resta and the revival flower are not spells, they are more analogous to the -Mate items and Moon Atomizer. Similarly Shifta and Deband are no longer spells, instead they are a singular class ability for techer. Mechanically speaking theres no difference between "Shifta and Deband" and say "Hunter's Physique", while both of those abilities are distinct from the six spells listed above. Going back to the spells since the definition/distinction is fleshed out... There does not seem to be any difference whatsoever between Force and Techer in terms of spells. No specializations; realistically its just a matter of what weapon do you prefer. Especially in the context of using them as a subclass, since that totally removes the class skills out of the equation. I am assuming the intention is to add back in the other branches of spells (Light/Dark/Wind) and at that point put in nodes on the trees to make Techer/Force distinct in terms of spellcasting. My hope and suggestion is that the spell expansion include returning the support abilities to the spell pool.

Mags - Mags are something rather iconic to PSO. A pet / companion that you raise alongside your character, that assists you in your journey. I actually got rather attached to my mags, and even if you dont, its a 'weapon' that you can almost completely customize. I'm hoping that they are slated to make a return in NGS, though there are implications that they are not. Namely the existence of the "Regional Mags" in addition to the Photon Blast becoming an ability tied to the weapon.

Auxiliaries & Personal Quarters - I'm lumping these two together both because they were specific to PSO2 and because theres not much to say here. Both were features in PSO2 (I didnt play PSU so I don't know if they were there or not) that were in my opinion awesome. I loved the ability to set up personal assistants to come with me in circumstances where my friends werent available. They were also awesome from the standpoint that I could set them up with cosmetics i would never use on my character (I am a guy and flat refuse to play female characters in any game where the character is supposed to be 'me'.) Personal quarters were much the same in that it was nice to have a space that was "mine".

Stats - This one i feel like i should include, but im not actually sure if my understanding of the system is correct. What i think is the case is that the old P/R/T-ATK distinction is largely gone, replaced simply by "Potency". I have seen the stat block on armors giving percentage increases to the three categories so i know at least one area where the distinction is in place still. I cant really say much here on this topic beyond mentioning it and stating that i hope i am incorrect. The different stats were a good way to make each class distinct, as well as give more variation to weapons (and armor). That and I have not yet seen a game successfully simplify its stats to that extent and have it work. in my experience it tends to make the characters feel like amorphous blobs that dont really matter. hence the "i hope i am wrong".

anyway thats literally all i can think of; so thanks for taking the time to read this.

on the subject of Stats. How does making three separate stats really make things distinguished? For the most part, most weapons would simply have the stats they were meant for. So separate weapon stats were mostly redundant.

I for one am glad they are gone. The way it is now, where some Augments and such can improve that attack type, but makes it overall is much better for those who want to play a hybrid build. Now... I would -like- for them to actually display those stats besides just HP and PP in the stat summary. Would prefer a stat summary that properly displays all the effects that augments and even potentials/fixed-affixes give.

I think the game has enough eye-catching material to attract users, but not to keep them, considering that and seeing it from my point of view / tastes.

add more things to do in the game, like escort missions and competitions of whatever (I think with the little that can be done in the game, anything extra would help).

change the drop system for materials that serve to change them for gear / camos / etc.

add the body type 3 and 4?

difficult content (with mechanics) that requires the participation of other players with adequate rewards that make you want to find a group or join an alliance. the current content like the UQ have mechanics, but you die if you don't have gear (if you have it, it is difficult to die).

The game does not have cosmetic rewards as part of the content, add it (I buy many items from AC with real money, but I do not get any entertainment in return, it does not feel anything to acquire them that way, and that does not speak well of the way they want to keep their user$ happy, there is no balance between acquiring things with real money and effort in the game):D