Post-maintenance error code 630 (NGS)

Hi, I cannot play NGS currently because I keep receiving this error code each time I try to access NGS. I can play classic pso2 normally, but any time I try to access NGS I'm immediately booted. I've tried a multitude of things, from installing and running the game through tweaker to migrating my files over to steam so I won't ever have to deal with the crappy microsoft store ever again...but nothing. I still get the same result regardless of what I've done, so at this point I am feeling as if something they did last night broke...something for certain people because at this point I'm not sure what all I can do considering I was playing the game just fine before the maintenance.

Any ideas at this point??

Been having this problem since launch got to lvl 3 and got to the exit cocoon quest went to infinite load screen and then ERROR 630 no response from PSO2 server 8( and of course not their fault its our internet providers fault. I have no problem playing any other game. Got all the way to LVL 3 same quest on their server but still crash on all 5 of my characters. Can log in just fine to PSO2 original but cant log in to NGS at all same infinite loop crash error 630 etc no matter what ship. Sega pls do something about this asap.

630 is connection error, probably the tweak to connection work well to some people but got worse to others. Maybe try using VPN for a while or reset your DNS connection?

I know the feel though, In SEA server back then my friends called me Eternal 630.

It's been found out that it's a bug connected with fashion from PSO2 being used in NGS, unequip whatever it is your wearing in base PSO2 and try logging into NGS again. If your still unable, it may be connected to the weapon camos your using. It's not a network error if it's only affecting one character but none of the others and your still able to connect to base PSO2. There is evidence showing that it is related to fashion from PSO2 on youtube. Showing that he gets error code 630 when logging into NGS but he can log into Base PSO2 no issues, he unequips his fashion (outwear, costumes) and logs back into NGS and no error, he does it again requiping his fashion and showing that when trying to log into NGS he gets error code 630. It's obviously not a connection issue but a bug connected to fashion that flags the system throwing the code. I've submitted a bug report and recommend others do the same.